Why Sponsor

We will hone in on your brand objectives and work to provide the best platform to filter your mission to our multi-dimensional audience. Our team strives to partner with like-minded brands that promote forward thinking initiatives in broadcast, television, advertising, and technology. Some of the brightest and biggest stars in the industry will be in attendance searching for innovative brands to cultivate opportunities and secure further collaborations. Our goal is to get the right people together in the same space in an effort to drive growth and secure meaningful deals.


On-site signage, Wifi, Refreshments, Networking Experiences, Live Stream, Speakers VIP Green Room and more…


If this opportunity interests you, feel free to reach out to Louis Hillelson at 917-281-4730 or email LHillelson@nbmedia.com and someone from the team will be in touch shortly.


We can also modify these topics as needed to best address a sponsor’s priorities. We’re interested in hearing from you. To find out more about sponsorship opportunities, contact:


Eric Trabb at 212-378-0400, ext 532, or etrabb@nbmedia.com
Louis Hillelson at 917-281-4730, or lhillelson@nbmedia.com